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A relative newcomer to ceramics, I am still experimenting and probably will be forever.

I have always loved figurative sculpture so have a tendency to put a face on most of the things I make. I also love colour and porcelain and stoneware are the ideal materials to add vibrant colour to. I use a simple, decorative and graphic approach to the pieces and I purpose glaze selected elements to highlight the contrast between matt and gloss.

Vanessa Bean, graphic designer by profession...maker of things by nature

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Batch Sale on Etsy

I list 30 items in varying sizes (in one hit) each month and provide all details on Instagram: @vbean a few days before the upload time, including preview details and date and time of upload. The listings sell out in a matter of minutes so keen buyers need to be online at the time of upload. Sadly the Etsy shopping cart does not allow for items to be reserved for any length of time so checkout has to happen very quickly for a purchase to be successful. Items can jump out of the shopping cart if someone else completes payment on that item first. Best to set up Direct Checkout details before the sale. Paypal redirect takes too long. It is also advisable to buy 1 item and check out and then if possible go back and purchase another item....If this is the case...I will always combine shipping and refund the overage. Unfortunately, I have no control over the shopping cart, once the items are listed.

June 22 Vases

June 22 Vases